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Fundraising Tools

Get started now - download the following materials to jumpstart your fundraising efforts!

Walker Tool Kit - This participant guide is everything you need to get started with your fundraising including a sample letter, fundraising tips and website customization.

10 Simple Fundraising Ideas - Download tips on additional fun ways to fundraise.

Fundraising Ideas A-Z - Easy, fun, creative ideas on how to fundraise.

Fundraising Menu - A light fare of ideas via a menu.

10 Weeks to Fundraising - We have taken 10 simple weeks and steps to help guide you with your fundraising success. 

Team Captain Checklists - A simple checklist to guide Team Captains.

Walker Cards - This is a great tool to use.  Upon registering for a walk, you have an opportunity to create a unique URL for your personal fundraising page and team captains will have a team page URL.  These cards are designed for you to edit the URL section on the card, for the walk city and your personal pages. Walkers can then have their personal cards printed using Avery 5371 Pre-perforated Sheets.  Your local staff manager for your walk will be able to assist you.

Walker Donation & Collection Form - This form will help walkers keep track of donations to turn in on walk day. You can print, complete the form, and bring with you on walk day.

For any questions, please contact your regional staff representative.